Being well prepared is 
half the battle!

What can Sital Media mean for you? That's a great question with a fairly simple answer, we are film production company. We produce films, commercials and videos with a professional cinematic production value.

However, here comes the most encountered confusion for interested organizations who have never collaborated with a professional film producer for their creative projects and ambitions. A producer can be treated as a project leader and manager who guides the realization of a film production. So, we don't handle camera's ourselves of edit footage. Therefore we have a specialized network of state of art professionals that we connect for the best results!

So, why don't we execute every aspect of the production in-house? As a production company we are convinced that specialization in every aspect of making a cinematic film guarantees the highest quality. This is also the main reason why we solely work on projects that involves sets and crews. With that philosophy we can ensure that our quality is up on par for publication at national coverage.

What is our workflow?


Every film production begins with a great idea from the maker or client. As producers it's our job to critically look and cooperate to form those ideas into unique and captivating end result. For this process we have a network of talented scriptwriters who can be involved actively into this process.


After developing a creative idea, there needs to be made an effective roadmap, which involves many different professionals, to ensure the realization of your project.
Sital Media provides a network of talented professionals to make this happen. We handle all the planning, legal, and financial administration for the project.


Sital Media takes care of a specialized team of professionals on set during the shooting period of your project. Think of directors, talent, production design, camera operators (Directors of Photography), and many more departments to ensure a smooth shooting period. We will take care of managing the production in order to ensure a high-quality working environment for effective results.


After the shooting period comes post-production. Sital Media has a network of talented editors, color graders, sound designers, and composers. We can manage this process to ensure a great transition from recording the footage towards conceiving an compelling end result. Therefore we hold a high regard regarding keeping transparent communication towards you.


Many times, a project doesn't end by delivering an end result. We would love to think with you to create an effective distribution plan if you haven't set up a strategy for it yet. In this way we can spread your film production to the masses. How? Think of film festivals, online publication or perhaps television, streaming platforms or even cinema. We can help you with it!

our projects

Ramesh Sital
The India | Nepal Adventure

Genre: Cinematic vlog
Release: 2020-22
Director: Ramesh Sital
Duration: 12 episodes (7 till 9 minutes)
Language: English, Dutch, Hindi

12-episode cinematic travel vlog series. Ramesh Sital travels in 40 days to Chennai, Northern India through the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Nepal. Each of the episodes showcases local stories, adventures and information about different exotic places.

The series is an experimental hybrid between the genres of travel documentary, and vlogging. The whole series can be watched for free on the YouTube channel of Ramesh Sital.

A Viewfinder & White Sneakers
short Film

Genre: Dark Comedy
Release: summer 2022
Duration: 12 minutes
Director: Demetre Nebula
Language: English
Status: Completed

When the young lawyer Harry jogs trough the park, he discovers a corpse with white sneakers. When examining the body, he notices that he is photographed by a strange woman. Together they try to discover what happened to the dead man. 

Koers (Course)
short film

Genre: Coming-to-age
Release: 2023
Duration: 10 minutes
Director: Fer van der Hoff
Co-producer: Studio Tinus
Language: Dutch

The 6-year old Kay lives a happy and tranquil life with his family on an inland vessel. However, on the last day of the summer holiday tensions become more visible in the family when he will be brought to the skipper's boarding school for the first time in his life.

2023 - Nederlands Film Festival (Dutch Debut Competition)
2024 - VERS Film Awards (nomination: Best Cinematography)
2024 - Festival de Cannes (Talents to Cannes by CineSud)

 This project is currently in the distribution phase.

We have also done projects for:



Ramesh is as producer and actor owner of Sital Media. As freelance producer and production manager he has worked for multiple webseries and short movies. At the moment Ramesh is managing two short films which are in different production phases. Ramesh is connected as producer to the artist association Studio Tinus from Rotterdam. Within this association he is currently producing the short film Koers (Course).

"I want to create innovative media that defies traditions and known mannerism from the film industry. Values like cross-mediality and disruptive workflows with non-traditional talents are corner stones for my projects."


You can always approach us to brainstorm about your creative ideas. We will always listen to them with care and actively think with you how we can help to realize them within our reach.

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Studio Tinus
Sital Media heef een partnerschap met het kunstenaarscollectief Studio Tinus

Ramesh Sital
Binnen Sital Media is zijn ook alle mediaoptredens van Ramesh Sital als Acteur en Voice over vertegenwoordigd