"I am always searching for innovation and creativity in the media industry. I believe in challenging traditional conventions and exploring cross-media possibilities to take projects to the next level. Disruptive workflows are essential to creating beautiful and unique projects that will surprise and inspire audiences."

Ramesh is an experienced and internationally trained actor, film producer, and voice-over artist who is seasoned in the film and music industry. He has learned from and worked alongside some of the best professionals in Los Angeles, including music supervisors and producers for major projects such as Night at the Museum 3 and Maleficent. Additionally, he has collaborated with renowned producers like Emmy-award winner Scott Liggett and Grammy-award winner Corey Rooney.

Ramesh began his journey in the media industry at a young age and has since evolved into a versatile professional with expertise in acting, cinematography, voice acting, and music. He has worked on commercials and TV pilots and has taken classes in acting, piano, and singing at prestigious schools.

Through his own company, Sital Media, Ramesh now works as a freelance film producer, actor, and voice-over artist. He has a vast network of international media professionals and strives to achieve the highest professional standards. He is academically specialized in the strategic use of music for television commercials and holds a master's degree in Applied Musicology from Utrecht University.

If you're looking for a skilled and experienced professional in the film and music industry, Ramesh Sital is the right choice. He delivers top-quality results and is ready to take your media projects to the next level, both in the Netherlands and beyond. Choose Ramesh and bring your vision to life!


  • 2022 - Cast: Robot - Zenith S2 (Lemming Film / VPRO)
  • 2021 - Lead - Reclame Marktplaats (Cake Film B.V.)
  • 2022 - Sub-lead: Ruiter - Reclame LYNX Bank (Superheroes)

  • 2022 - Cast - A Viewfinder & White Sneakers (Sital Media)

voice DEMOs

Thuisbezorgd - commercial (DUTCH)

Jobmatchiq - informative commercial (English)

UNIVE - formal youthful (DUTCH)

e-book - informative Dutch



We are definitely open to having a conversation to hear your creative ideas and how we can contribute to making them a reality!

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Ramesh Sital
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