LENGTH: 10 minutes
DIRECTOR: Ferry van der Hoff
SHOOTING PERIOD: September '22 till March '23
RELEASE: Fall 2023

The last day of summer vacation. Six-year-old Kay, an adventurous and tough boy, plays one last time with his brother Nick on his parents' inland vessel before being called inside to change. That day, Kay is being taken to the skipper's boarding school for the first time, where Nick has been going for years. When Kay has to take off his pirate costume and is not allowed to bring his pirate ship, he secretly puts a pirate doll in his pocket to have something from home with him.

While his parents pretend everything is normal during the car ride, Kay slowly starts to panic. When Kay doesn't get reassurance from his parents and his brother also shuts him out, his pirate fantasy is the only way he can feel safe.

When Kay arrives at the boarding school, he realizes that this is his new reality. When he also has to say goodbye to Nick and everything familiar disappears, he makes a final attempt to keep his parents with him, but the rupture with his parents is inevitable. Left alone in his room, he takes out his pirate doll from his pocket. Maybe he can just be a pirate again.



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