LENGTH: 10 minuten
DIRECTOR: Demetre Nebula
SHOOTING PERIOD: September 2022
COMPLETION: January 2023

HARRY (25), a lawyer, is on his morning run and comes across a dead body in the park. Confronted by the situation he turns apathetic toward all things that can go wrong. Instead, his attention goes to MADELEINE (28) a woman that walks right in his direction while photographing birds - it seems. Without Harry noticing she also takes pictures of him with the corpse, so she can set him up. Walking backward she trips over the corpse. Her camera breaks into multiple pieces and she frantically grabs her SD card and hides it in her fist. Harry helps her up.
Madeleine has something unnatural about her, which Harry doesn’t notice. They have an awkward conversation where Madeleine starts questioning Harry on the situation. Harry notices that someone is coming and grabs Madeleine to hide behind some bushes.

The person on foot is in his own world and doesn’t even notice what’s going on. The conversation between Harry and Madeleine becomes more serious. When Harry becomes insistent on his innocence a HOBO turns up and Madeleine notices this time. She pushes Harry behind a tree. A romantic chemistry arises between them when they are pressed together behind the tree. Madeleine starts to get nervous and she doubts her plot to frame Harry. Harry comforts her and calms her down. The Hobo steals the white sneakers and leaves the scene.

When the two come out of hiding, Madeleine decides to confess her plot to Harry, who is shocked but also very inquisitive to unravel what exactly happened. Harry discovers that the dead person had hit his head on a rock concealed underneath the grass. It turns out that it was an accident. Madeleine decides to destroy the SD card containing the evidence. Just when they think that the coast is clear, another person shows up, but this time they are spotted. This STRANGER turns out to be an old acquaintance of the dead person. Surprisingly it turns out that the Stranger is anything but shocked - he’s actually quite pleased. He then elaborates on who the dead person was. After learning who this person was they quickly decide to get rid of the corpse and they throw it in a lake nearby. Harry picks up his belongings, which he has left on a park bench nearby. When wants to finally leave the scene, he gets accompanied by Madeleine - who has no intention to leave Harry.


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